Humble beginnings

MEGAFEM started as a dream for an out-of-work Arts Graduate to find a way to help her friends get paid, better the world, and have some fun along the way. 

We believe a good dose of humour goes a long way in the uphill battle of dismantling the patriarchy, and we try to reflect this through our work.


 We pay all of our artists and contributers with real life money. No exposure or "good word of mouth", we pay them the going rate in their industry. We commission work from Australian artists, with a focus on promoting diverse female voices and work. We believe in bettering the Australian small business sector, smashing the patriarchy, and giving a platform to marginalised female communities.


MEGAFEM operates on the stolen lands of the Cadigal and Wangal people. We pay our respects to the Traditional owners of these lands past, present and future.